VTU Question Papers 1st Sem – CBCS Scheme (Chemistry Cycle)

vtu question papers 1st sem

VTU Question Papers 1st Sem

VTU Question Papers 1st Sem and 2nd Sem B.E Students admitted in the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) scheme. Here we have posted all subjects question papers of the chemistry cycle, which includes subjects listed below

  • Engineering Mathematics-1
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Programming in C and Data Structures
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
  • Basic Electronics
  • Environmental Studies

Subject Name: Mathematics-1
Subject Code: 15MAT11


Subject Name: Chemistry
Subject Code: 15CHE12


Subject Name: Programming in C and Data Structures

Subject Code: 15PCD13


Subject Name: Computer Aided Engineering Drawing

Subject Code: 15CED14/24


Subject Name: Basic Electronics

Subject Code: 15ELN15/25


Subject Name: Environmental Studies

Subject Code: 15CIV18/28


Click on the download button to download the PDF of VTU question papers 1st sem and 2nd sem based on the cycle you are going through. This gives the question papers of C cycle, that is Chemistry Cycle. You can visit http://vtu.ac.in/model-question-paper/ for model question papers from the official VTU site.

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